Francis: At Last, a Transformational Pope

Pope 115By Max J. Castro on May 19, 2015

It was clear from the start that Pope Francis would be a refreshing change from previous popes under which the Catholic Church seemed most concerned about sexual mores, reaffirming dogma, and maintaining the power and monolithic unity of the institution and the faith.  (more…)

Timoleón Jiménez Discusses the Latest Developments

Colombia 115By FARC-EP on May 29, 2015

Today, head of the Peace Delegation Iván Márquez read an article written by comandante Timoleón Jiménez, explaining his thoughts on the latest developments in Colombia and in Havana.  (more…)

Ireland Can’t Declare ‘Neutrality’ as US Military Aircraft Land at Shannon

Reuters / Andrew Winning

Reuters / Andrew Winning

By Danielle Ryan on May 28, 2015

Ireland declares itself a neutral state. At least that’s how it presents itself to the world. So why then have over 2 million US soldiers since 2001 passed through the country, potentially carrying weapons and munitions?  (more…)

Spain’s Podemos, Ciudadanos Deliver Huge Blow to Ruling Popular Party in Local Election

Spain 115By Ciaran Giles on May 26, 2015

Spain’s prime minister acknowledged Monday he was disappointed with his party’s showing in local elections, which he attributed largely to austerity measures his government was compelled to take during Europe’s recent debt crisis and a recent string of political scandals.  (more…)

‘Black Women’s Lives Count’: Murders and Disappearances in LA

May 28, 2015

Black women 115“The outrage needs to rise on this issue of the serial murders of Black women here in South Los Angeles. There’s a mini-genocide that has gone on right here in this neighborhood. It impacts each and every one of us and it’s a shame that there are up to 200 women missing and as many as 100 killed and this whole country doesn’t know about it,” exclaimed Margaret Prescod, founding member of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders and member of the Global Women’s Strike.  (more…)

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