Timoleón Jiménez Discusses the Latest Developments

Colombia 115By FARC-EP on May 29, 2015

Today, head of the Peace Delegation Iván Márquez read an article written by comandante Timoleón Jiménez, explaining his thoughts on the latest developments in Colombia and in Havana. 

The Commander in Chief believes that the government’s response to the gestures of peace made by the FARC-EP has been ambiguous: they suspended aerial bombings, but at the same time they ordered intensifying operations on the ground, like happened in Buenos Aires, Cauca.

Timoleón Jiménez makes clear that the recent events of war are a step back regarding the measures of de-escalation that had been carried out so far.

He talks about the reality of the war, which, according to him, is cruel and painful:

“Talk about war means talking about dead, wounded, dismembered, not to mention third parties that result affected; this is something which many of its apologists seem to forget.”

Therefore, according to the Comandante, an end to the war must be sought. He also denounced the clear stigmatization of the guerrillas by the government and its media:

“It is not fair that if we talk about reconciliation, we are all the time being blamed as solely responsible for the military disasters; they present us all the time as the gang of the evil guys, always labelling us as drug dealers and criminals.”

He finalizes his analysis by saying that the FARC will keep on moving forward, above all difficulties, and he also states that the new defense minister could play a positive role as well as the new members of the government delegation, Gonzalo Restrepo and Maria Angela Holguin.