Thousands of Syrian refugees flee to Turkey in 2 days

June 5, 2015

Siria Resumen 116Image from yesterday, when a group of Syrians fleeing from clashes in Syria’s Rasulayn region, wait to be registered at the centre Established under Coordination of AFAD at the Turkish-Syrian border at Sanliurfa

Turkey’s Minister of Customs and Trade has revealed that more than 3,000 Syrian refugees have crossed the border since Wednesday as they fled from clashes raging between ISIS militants and Kurdish fighters in Ras Al-Ain.

Speaking to Turkey’s semi-official Anadolu news agency, Nurettin Canikli said that Turkey’s doors are always open to those seeking protection. “Nearly 1,000 Syrians crossed into Turkey on Wednesday, and the number rose to over 3,000 on Thursday,” he pointed out. That figure is expected to increase in the next few days, the minister added.

The Turkish authorities house Syrian refugees and provide them with emergency aid and the necessary requirements for day to day life, Canikli explained. The latest arrivals waited for a day at the Akcakale border crossing before entering Turkey.

Source: Middle East Monitor