US strengthening Ukraine’s ‘puppet government’: Analyst

Jul 25, 2015

images (4)The Obama administration wants to “strengthen the puppet government” in Ukraine against mass opposition, said James Petras. A plan by the US military to begin training regular Ukrainian military forces later this year points to Washington’s strategy to reinforce the “puppet government” in Kiev, an American writer and retired professor says. (more…)

US To Sell Saudis 355 Missiles to be Used in the War on Yemen


A US-made AGM-154 air-to-ground missile being brought to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier

A US-made AGM-154 air-to-ground missile being brought to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier

The US Defense Department has awarded major weapons maker Raytheon to provide the Persian Gulf Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 355 air-to-ground missiles amid its persisting campaign of aerial strikes against civilian and economic targets in neighboring Yemen.  (more…)

Freedom Rider: The Iran Deal Reality

By Margaret Kimberley on July 23, 2015

FR_obama-mid-eastThe U.S. deal with Iran – based on assumptions about an Iranian nuclear weapons program that American intelligence agencies have twice concluded does not exist – allows the U.S. to concentrate on provoking Russia and China while continuing to threaten Iran with destruction. Global peace is no closer than before, since “America’s insistence on imperialism and control of other countries is the cause of every catastrophe.” (more…)

Palestinians Show Support for Syria

July 24, 2015

Photo: InjazTech2

Photo: InjazTech2

More than 1000 Palestinians and Palestinian organizations from across the world have expressed support for Syria “in its efforts to repel the foreign invaders and the countries that are creating, training, financing, arming and supporting the terrorist groups in Syria.” Statement of Palestinian groups and individuals in the occupied homeland, refugee camps and the diaspora about the global war on Syria. (more…)

U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians

By Prof. John McMurtry and Kourosh Ziabari on July 25, 2015

118554Interview with Prof. John McMurtry. A world-renowned Canadian philosopher argues that the United States holds the world record of illegal killings of unarmed civilians and extrajudicial detention and torturing of prisoners who are detained without trial. (more…)

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