Embassies, Victory to Cuba, Obama Succeeds

July 2, 2015

cuba 120The coming opening of embassies between the United States and Cuba is an unquestionable victory by the island and a success achieved by President Barack Obama, the newspaper La Jornada said today.

In its editorial, the newspaper asserted that the end of and extremely prolonged period of distance and hostilities between both nations is beginning this way.

It recognized that this historic step is accompanied by Obama’s request for the US Congress to abolish the laws on which the economic,financial and trade blockade of the island that his country has maintained for decades is based.

This unfair measure,contrary to the international law and openly obsolete, has caused significant suffering to the Cuban people, huge damage to its economy and, as the US president admitted, has resulted counterproductive in its purpose of putting pressure on the Caribbean nation for political changes, the text said.

During the media conference in which he announced the imminent opening of Washington’s embassy in Havana, Obama also admitted that a change in the Cuban regime is not expected soon, confirming that the has distanced himself from the imperial rhetoric that had as principle the overthrow of the revolutionary Government.

The reestablishment of relations and relaxation of the restrictions on trade and the trips to the island that the United States has imposed its on citizens are, right away, victories unquestionable victories to Cuba, which achieved full recognition of its sovereignty and its right to self-determination, La Jornada said.

After this important step, it can be expected that the united States speeds up the necessary measures to put an end to the blockade policy that besides disastrous to Cuba, has been adverse and onerous to the US society, for which trade, scientific, cultural, sports and human exchanges with the Caribbean country have been restricted, the editorial concluded.

Source: Prensa Latina