Black Lives Matter Asks Presidential Candidates: What Side Are You On?

Saturday’s protest at Netroots was just the beginning. And activists say the Clinton campaign hasn’t engaged them, and her Facebook answer is not enough.

By Darren Sands and Ruby Cramer on July 21, 2015

Whitney Curtis / Getty

Whitney Curtis / Getty

The activists started with a simple question: “What side are you on?”  The chant rang through the hall of the Phoenix Convention Center on Saturday morning, upending a presidential forum at the annual progressive conference, Netroots Nation. And one after the other, the two candidates there struggled to find the right reply: Martin O’Malley was defensive, Bernie Sanders frustrated. (more…)

ALBA Block Workers Created in Venezuela

July 24, 2015

albatrabajadorRepresentatives of unions from Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Venezuela formally constituted the Workers Block of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA), it was learned here today. (more…)

Josefina Vidal: meet the Cuban diplomat who knows more about America than most Americans

By Stephen Kimber on July 20, 2015

Josefina Vidal

Josefina Vidal

“Maybe I’m idealistic, but I’m a true believer in the strengths Cuba has as a nation. One of the most precious things we have is our people. And this will help in our new relations with the United States…” During the four years Josefina de Caridad Vidal Ferreiro spent as first secretary of the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, D.C., it was among the worst of times in the ongoing, never-ending bad times between the United States and Cuba. (more…)

Regime change or not?

By Manuel R. Gomez on July 19, 2015

MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 20: A protester holds an American flag and a Cuban one as she joins with others opposed to U.S. President Barack Obama's announcement earlier in the week of  a change to the United States Cuba policy stand together at Jose Marti park on December 20, 2014 in Miami, Florida. President Obama announced a move toward normalizing the relationship with Cuba after a swap of prisoners took place.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Since the President’s Cuba announcement last December, observers have been trying to fathom whether the intent is only to change the strategy of our policy, while retaining the long standing goal of “regime change,” or whether it is truly to abandon that goal. In other words, was the efficacy of the past strategy in question, or its fundamental legitimacy? (more…)

Noam Chomsky Says US Turned to Cuba Due to Increasing Isolation

July 21, 2015

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Noam Chomsky said the U.S. was becoming increasingly isolated from Latin America. The U.S. was on the verge of being completely isolated from its own “backyard,” Latin America, during the 2015 Summit of the Americas. Internationally renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky told Mexican newspaper La Jornada Monday it was because Washington was becoming increasingly isolated from “their own backyard” of Latin America that the U.S. decided to normalize relations with Cuba. (more…)

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