Five Things You Need to Know About the US “Reconstruction” Effort in Afghanistan

By Kanya D’Almeida on August 24, 2015


Photo: Bryan Denton/The New York Times

Let’s start with what we know: Since 2002, the US Congress has appropriated just over $109 billion for Afghanistan’s development, making this the largest foreign reconstruction program (more…)

Israel’s Quandary in the Face of U.S.-Cuba Harmony

August 28, 2015

israel cubaIsrael, a nation that has repeatedly sided with the United States against Cuba whenever the United Nations asks for a lifting of the trade embargo imposed by Washington, (more…)

The Infiltration of Colombian Paramilitaries into Venezuela

August 25, 2015

paramilitaries_colombia.jpg_916636689For at least 11 years, Venezuela has denounced the presence of extreme right-wing paramilitaries in its territory. (more…)

Guatemalans Stage National Strike to Demand President Step Down

August 27, 2015

Photo: Jose Ruano

Photo: Jose Ruano

Citizens, fed up with government corruption, have organized a march and national strike, which they say may last for several days. (more…)

Witnesses to the Benefits of Heberprot-P

By Yusmary Romero Cruz on August 27, 2015

About 3% of diabetes patients suffer a diabetic foot ulcer at some point in their life, Dr. Yanisel Campos notes. Photo: Yusmary Romero Cruz

Photo: Yusmary Romero Cruz

Over 43,700 patients have benefited from the medicine in Cuba, together with more than 160,000 across Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe (more…)

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