The Reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba; Long Live the Heroic Cuban Revolution!

By Javier Salado* on August 14, 2015

Photo: Jorge Luis Gonzalez

Photo: Jorge Luis Gonzalez

“”On the Malecon of Havana there is too little air for the recently raised flag to wave. The wind is good but it is not enough.”
This twitter message sent by a young Cuban is an indication of what the theme of this short article will be.

It leads us to two conclusions; the first is that youth in Cuba are following with great interest the re-establishment of relations with the Empire from a view that is not contemplative but rather from a position of critical thinking. And the second conclusion is the reality that the flag of the U.S. was raised but it is not waving because that mystical Cuban nature has denied it even the slightest breeze.

For the record Resumen Latinoamericano was present, but not from the position reserved for the press within the perimeter of the newly opened United States Embassy, but from the outside, next to the Cuban people. The authorities of the diplomatic headquarters for no explained reason denied us entry.

It was a nice ceremony with a respectful and constructive discourse that stated in part the already known U.S. positions in relationship to their concept of democracy and human rights. The setting had as its background the blue Caribbean Sea and the opinions being expressed by the Cubans who were present outside the gate. There they were making it abundantly clear that the deep culture and talent of the Cuban people, with its unrestricted capacity of resistance and dignity that has allowed them to overcome 56 years of aggression, are up to all the challenges that they might face and again they will come out being victorious. They also have the collective wisdom to differentiate between the imperialist plans, that they will be struggling against, and the values of the American people.

Some in our continent believe that the flags of the Cuban revolution are in decline. They have no confidence in the wonderful people that not only 56 years ago, but today as well, continues to be the beacon that guides the dreams of our people. They do not understand the historical greatness of the paradigm of a true Revolution that stands firm in its principles and also dialectically is updated to the current conditions and rotating scenarios.

Our enemies should stop dreaming and our fellow travelers who now doubt us are only projecting their own weaknesses. Cuba was, and will continue to be a firm rock. It has already triumphed by bringing the world’s greatest power to accept its conditions, sit at the negotiating table and sign the re-establishment of diplomatic relations – relations that were cut in January 1961 by the U.S. Government.

It is a victory of all our peoples, primarily for Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a victory of world solidarity with Cuba that never abandoned the revolution. So, David resisted, fought, and reluctantly made Goliath recognize that to live in the future in peace it must consider Cuba as an equal.

*  Resumen Latinoamericano, correspondent in Havana