U.S. Sells New Warships to Saudi Arabia Despite Warnings of War Crimes and Civilian Deaths in Yemen

By Amy Goodman on October 21, 2015

images (2)The Obama administration has approved an $11.25 billion deal to sell four advanced, Lockheed Martin-made warships to Saudi Arabia. Amy Goodman interviewed Rep. Ted Lieu about his critique of U.S. policy in Yemen and Syria. (more…)

Jailing the Banksters Continued

By Abby Zimet on October 22, 2015

bankbigWhile the U.S. is busily and boldly jailing hapless poor black people over unpaid speeding tickets, Iceland doggedly persists in going after the true scofflaws – gluttonous bankers who eight years ago crashed that country’s economy. (more…)

Of Course, It is an Intifada: This is What You Must Know

By Ramzy Baroud on October 14, 2015

shutterstock_250958173 (1)When my book ‘Searching Jenin’ was published soon after the Israeli massacre in the Jenin refugee camp in 2002, I was quizzed repeatedly by the media and many readers for conferring the word ‘massacre’ on what Israel has depicted as a legitimate battle against camp-based ‘terrorists’. (more…)

The Death of Hebron Activist Exposes Israel’s Crimes to the World

By Ryan Rodrick Beiler on October 23, 2015

Hashem al-Azzeh harvests his family’s olives directly beneath the Israeli settlement of Tel Rumeida in the West Bank city of Hebron in October 2012. Ryan Rodrick Beiler Active Stills

Hashem al-Azzeh harvests his family’s olives October 2012. Ryan Rodrick Beiler Active Stills

Hebron resident and anti-occupation activist Hashem al-Azzeh died Wednesday after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli forces. According to Palestinian media reports, al-Azzeh, who suffered from a heart condition, began feeling chest pains while in his home in the Israeli-controlled Tel Rumeida neighborhood of the occupied West Bank city. (more…)

Puerto Rico: The Crisis Is About Colonialism, Not Debt

By Linda Backiel on October 21, 2015

imagesTourists are fascinated by the heavy blue cobblestones that pave the streets of Old San Juan. Why they are there is as good an explanation as any for Puerto Rico’s current crisis. In the days of Spanish colonialism, they were ballast to keep the ships crossing the Atlantic from tossing about and blowing over. (more…)

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