Housing Mission has Built over 741,000 Houses Across Venezuela

October 9, 2015

VenezuelaThe Great Housing Mission Venezuela has delivered 741,710 houses since its launch and plans to reach one million homes this year, the Minister of Housing, Manuel Quevedo said.

The minister visited Thursday the town of Timotes in Merida state to attend the delivery of 21 homes built in partnership with Italy and stressed the importance of keeping those investments for the welfare of the people.

Sorangel Rivera is one of the locals that today received the keys of her home. Before, she lived with her children in a precarious adobe house and now has a 88-square-meter house made of wood –ideal for the mild climate of the Venezuelans Andes– with living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

“I have a decent home for my children, that I never had in my childhood and I hope they enjoy it a lot,” Soragel said in remarks broadcast by state media.

To ensure continuity of the program, Minister Quevedo announced the approval by President Nicolas Maduro of 3.7 billion bolivars, more than the annual budget allocated to the government.

The resources ensure funding for the building of 8,417 new homes in this state, where the mission is planning the construction of 22,977 homes.

“This is a complete revolution for Merida (…) It is a display that is unprecedented,” said Quevedo, who was accompanied by the governor of Merida, Alexis Ramirez.

The Great Housing Mission Venezuela is a housing construction plan, devised by the Bolivarian Government to address structurally the historical housing deficit in the country, with special attention to the most vulnerable sectors.


Source: AVN