President Maduro Raises Minimum Wage by 30%

October 16, 2015

VENEZUELA 135Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro approved on Thursday a 30% increase of the national minimum wage and food stamps from November 1st this year, taking minimum wage to around 9,649 bolivars a month.

The head of state also approved an increase of 0.75 to 1.5 percent in food allowances, which will be applied on a 30 days basis.

“I decree a 30% increase in the minimum wage. Each wage ladder –public administration, Bolivarian National Armed Forces– shall be adjusted, plus the 30 days basis and the 1.5% of the food stamps of all workers across the country,” said President Nicolas Maduro, in a activity held in Sidor steel plant in Bolivar state.

The full salary, adding the minimum wage plus food vouchers, amounts to 16,399 bolivars a month.

The head of state explained that these measures seek to protect “especially the ability to enter the new food system of those who work, protect the furure access to food, and all services. In times of economic war, special measures to protect workers, the middle class, the working class,” he said.

He urged the working class to defend these new economic measures against the constant attacks of the bourgeoisie, smuggling of food and fuel. “We have to protect people in advance, and it is now the time to do it. If we protect employment, wages, we will defeat the criminals and speculative prices that the bourgeoisie and the smugglers set on the street. I call people to battle it and do not leave me alone against the criminal bourgeoisie.”

The latest increase announced by the National Executive entered into force in July this year, taking the minimum wage to 7,421 bolivars, while the food stamps went from 2,300 to 3,375 bolivars per month.

Source: AVN