Cubans Who Bought Plane Tickets will Have Visas to Ecuador

November 28, 2015

EcuadorEcuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said on Saturday that the Cubans who bought plane tickets before November 26 will get their visas to travel to Ecuador.

According to the head of Ecuadorean diplomacy on his Twitter account, the regulation will be announced by the Foreign Ministry in the next few hours.

The Constitution of Ecuador defends the free movement of people. On Thursday Ecuador decided that as of December 1, all Cuban citizens who will travel to that country as tourists will have to apply for visas through the internet.

We established a visa system for Cuban citizens because of the disorderly and dangerous movement that violates their human rights, said Patino on Twitter, referring to the fact that many Cuban travelers use Ecuador as a springboard to try to reach the United States, encouraged by the Cuban Adjustment Act.

By virtue of that regulation, Washington grants immediate residence to all Cubans arriving on US territory, regardless of the means they used to get there, a treatment that differs from the one granted to immigrants from other countries.

Source: Prensa Latina