Argentines March to Defend Workers against Macri’s Pro-Business Policies

December 22, 2015

Argentina11Thousands of Argentines from various leftist groups gathered at the Plaza de Mayo on Tuesday to decry the fiscal and labor policies of the newly instated President Mauricio Macri, which they view as gains for the “CEOcracy” at the expense of workers. The action, ending at the presidential palace, was the first unified march against Macri’s adjustment program.

Protesters came with multiple demands, but one of their main ones was for the payment of end-of-year bonuses and against devaluation, which has increased inflation and threatened jobs and working conditions around Argentina. Macri’s fiscal adjustment plan, the protesters said, enriches industry leaders while increasing layoffs and outsourcing, lowering salaries and pensions, encouraging speculation and worsening working conditions.

The demonstrators, which included leftist parties, unions and workers’ organizations, also stood in solidarity with workers at the poultry giant Cresta Roja and the oil industry supplier Siderca, who defended their jobs in protests the past few days. Big multinationals like Coca-Cola and Mondelez have laid off workers and more companies are turning to outsourcing.

Activists wrote a letter to Macri petitioning for more people-friendly policy, including the nationalization of banks and the refusal to pay external debt, and the centralization of credit. They also criticized Macri’s upcoming protocol against popular protest and his “Social Pact” with businesspeople and some union leadership.

Resumen editorial note:  Argentinean lawyer Guillermo Fanego, opened an investigation against popular activist Hebe de Bonafini, who has been leading the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo for decades in the search for victims of the military dictatorship. She is being investigated for her public remarks calling on social movements to resist the neo liberal policies being implemented by Macri’s government. The case is being prosecuted as a call for violence despite the fact that Bonafini never made a call for actual violent actions.

Source: teleSUR