The Hand of Washington in the “Election Coups” in Venezuela

By Arnold August on December 25, 2015

On December 7, 2015, after the December 6 elections, the White House indicated in a press briefing:

Venezuelan-election-400x250“What is clear is that the people of Venezuela have expressed their overwhelming desire for a change in direction.  And what is necessary is for all of the parties involved to engage in a dialogue about the future of that country mindful of the election results.  (more…)

Argentines March to Defend Workers against Macri’s Pro-Business Policies

December 22, 2015

Argentina11Thousands of Argentines from various leftist groups gathered at the Plaza de Mayo on Tuesday to decry the fiscal and labor policies of the newly instated President Mauricio Macri, which they view as gains for the “CEOcracy” at the expense of workers. (more…)

WTO Favours Developed Countries, not the Peasants and Poor People

December 18, 2015

WTOUnder capitalism production is not for consumption but for trade to make profits. Countries particularly the developing ones are being forced to open their borders and markets to cheap and low quality agricultural commodities from countries such as the US, China, EU, Brazil etc. (more…)

Interview with Rodrigo Granda, Member of the FARC General Staff and of the Guerrilla Organization’s Peace Delegation

“Cuba has put everything at the disposal of this peace process.”

By Hernando Calvo Ospina on December 4, 2015

ColombiaInterview with Rodrigo Granda – He is one of the members of the FARC’s general staff who lead the delegation of the guerrilla organization that is moving ahead with a process of negotiation with the Colombian government. Granda speaks about Cuba’s role in these talks. (more…)

Cuba Reports Lower Child Mortality Rate than U.S. and Canada

December 24, 2015

Cuba’s public health care system is renowned worldwide for its excellence and efficiency.

Cuba 111For the sixth year in a row, Cuba has reported success in reducing its child mortality rate, reporting five deaths for every 1,000 births, according to local media Wednesday. (more…)

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