Layoffs Continue in Argentina; Now it’s the Technicians

January 12, 206

ArgentinaTo the public employee layoffs by the Argentinean government, today the workers of the telecommunications company and manufacture of satellites Arsat are added, according to the technicians of that state company.

Arsat workers reported layoffs with no real excuse, but by ideological persecution in the satellite section.

‘They look into the profiles of social networks to see with whom we exchange,what we say and think’ they declared, according to the news portal El Destape.

This digital medium contacted some of those affected but they preferred not to comment: ‘There is fear. They are seeing the social networking profiles to see with whom we communicate’, complained one of them without identification.

Arsat is a state enterprise, created in 2006, which provides telecommunications services, and designed, developed and manufactured the two Argentinean satellites now in orbit and is building a third one.

The Infonews service reported that 30 technicians were fired from the Regulatory Authority of the National Airports System (Orsna, in Spanish) and is expected to layoff other 100.

The new leaders argue ‘lack of confidence in the political ideology’ of these people. Many were thrown verbally without letting them see the resolution of dismissal. Others just got the telegram only on Monday, they told infonews.

The Orsna is under the Ministry of Transport which until now had 250 technicians. The new authority says 100 are enough, but the agency serves 54 airports in Argentina and its workers say that figure is insufficient to monitor all of them.

The Association of State Workers claims these people were fired for motivation of ‘ideology and politics’, and demanded their reinstatement and provides for forcible action at the same time.

On the other hand, the digital magazine Nac & Pop reports that the national deputy for the Front for Victory (FpV, in Spanish) Nilda Garré claimed political persecution against state workers by the government of Mauricio Macri.

The new authorities make their workers go to their offices to question their comments on social networks.

Such procedures are being carried out in the Ministry of Justice, among others, wrote on social networks this lawmaker, who was Minister of Defence, Justice and UN Ambassador.

Meanwhile, in a statement on Monday, president Macri warned the unions ‘should be a little cautious’, because a few days have passed since he took office, and again referred to the question of productivity when talking about wage increases.

‘The thing is, I think (the unions) are anxious or are overestimating our ability. A few days since I took office have passed, I think they should be a little cautious’, Macri said when being asked about the unions.

Source: Prensa Latina