Editor of Resumen Lationamericano Recognized in Venezuela at the Continental Meeting of Communication of ALBA

February 29, 2016

Carlos AA tribute to journalist Carlos Aznarez, Director of Resumen Latinoamericano, took place during a meeting of 100 journalists representing numerous countries.

The Venezuelan leader of the Venezuelan chapter of ALBA movements, Pablo Kunich, explained that the tribute was because of Aznarez’s journalistic work that is always on the side of the struggles of peoples around the world.

Following the tribute a video was shown in which Argentine journalists Leandro Albani and Vicente Zito Lema, the actor Norman Briski and the documentary filmmaker María Torrellas, outlined the career of Aznárez as journalist and internationalist. The homage ended with the intervention of Cuban journalist,Tamara Roselló.

Aznárez moved by the homage thank his colleagues and stressed the need to “continue to fight through alternative media to defeat censorship and the single speech which do much harm to the lives of our peoples”. He noted that in his background of training as a militant journalist, he has shared friendship and political relationship with Rodolfo Walsh, who in 1976, in the middle of the military dictatorship, worked with the Clandestine News Agency (ANCLA).

To end, a video-homage by the compañeros and compañeras of the ALBA TV channel was showed.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano