Maduro Launches Anti-imperialist Plan Against U.S. Interference

March 10, 2016

cdi9mjqw8aakc6n1457563364Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that an anti-imperialist comprehensive plan was created to build an international force base that will promote the truth of Venezuela around the world, in view of the interventionist attempts by the United States that extended the interfering decree declaring Venezuela a threat to the American people.

The plan was presented by the council of vice ministers, foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez and political high command, “to bring this demand with the support of the Governments and peoples of the world for this decree be repealed sooner rather than later, and definitely removed from the history of American threats against Venezuela,” said the Head of State at the National Pantheon, where an activity was held to ratify the anti-imperialist character of the Bolivarian Revolution.

He also reported that a national plan will be presented in all schools, high schools, universities and factories, to start “on March 12 heading to the commemoration of April 13-14 –days of popular resurrection–” to commemorate 14 years of the national awakening in defense of commander Hugo Chavez, after 2002 coup.

He stressed the need to “raise awareness, raise the anti-imperialist spirit of the people” against those who defend imperialist interests and seek to destroy the progressive governments and integration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He said that the Bolivarian Revolution has been very successful on the social sphere, but should boost the economy through the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, and its 14 main engines, with “delivery, effort and discipline” to face the economic war and generate new sources of financial wealth.

“Let us join more and more the Bolivarian Economic Agenda to build the future of the Venezuela power, that meets its own needs by its own efforts, that will be the basis of peace, stability for the future, peace and unity,” said Maduro.

Source: AVN