Mexico: Yes to the Dialog, No to the Repression

June 20, 2016

MexicoFinal (1)The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity, condemns the repression being inflicted upon teachers from Mexico for rejecting the neoliberal educational reform recently imposed by the Government. The recent events in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, in which police attacks left at least 8 teachers dead, 22 disappeared, dozens more wounded and a large number detained, reflects the urgent and imperative need to put an immediate end to these hostilities and the opening of a dialogue, as the education workers have been demanding.

We reject the criminalization of social movements in Mexico, and we demand that the perpetrators and masterminds of the murders of the teachers on Sunday, June 19, 2016, already marked for Mexican History as Bloody Sunday, be held accountable.

We make a call to the international community to say: Yes to a dialogue, NO to the repression.

Executive Secretariat of the Network in Defense of Humanity REDH

Carmen Bohórquez (General Coordinator of de la REDH)

Alicia Jrapko (REDH USA)

Ángel Guerra (REDH Cuba/México)

Ariana López (REDH Cuba)

Atilio Borón (REDH Argentina)

David Comssiong (REDH Barbados)

Fredy Ñañez (REDH Venezuela)

Hugo Moldiz (REDH Bolivia)

Juan Manuel Karg (REDH Argentina)

Katu Arkonada (REDH Basque Country/Bolivia)

Luciano Vasapollo (REDH Italy)

Marilia Guimaraes (REDH Brazil)

Nayar López Castellanos (REDH México)

Omar González (REDH Cuba)

Roger Landa (REDH (REDH Venezuela)

Source: Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity