Closing Ranks in Defense of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

By Carlos Aznárez on October 24, 2016

 Photo: Bill Hackwell

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Just like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and NATO, in their quest to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, the Venezuelan right wing opposition has not abandoned its intention of removing Nicolas Maduro’s government. They practice war games again and again, in a territory they’d like to see turned into rubble, as Aleppo or Homs. The most recent phase of the continuous and exhausting process, which has strengthen after Hugo Chavez’ death, is marked by the hysteric “rebellion” of the opposition who now runs

the National Assembly. It insists, once again, in promoting a big lie, in the style of Goebbels, by accusing Nicolás Maduro of being a Colombian citizen and, on the other hand, approving the political trial against the legitimate President.

This is not surprising at a time when there is a slow, yet solid, economic recuperation (there is currently an increase in the price of oil), a better result at the fight against economic war and the arrival of food and medicine for the population. It’s not a coincidence that the Empire’s Trojan horse, General Secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, is insisting on going after Venezuela. Also, Washington has given the order of making the situation as difficult as possible by promoting a media flood against the Revolution. The best of examples of this can be seen inEl País and ABC from Spain, as well as other sensationalist media outlets.

Each time this happens we remember the images from 2002 when these same characters promoted two Coup D’etats, but now there is a people determined to not let them succeed. The occupation of the National Assembly premises by the Chavista men and women who are fed up of such impunity, was a necessary act of vindication.

Venezuela is experiencing a new and difficult test in which the enemy is trying to overthrow the unity of the people and the Army, and who want to show an unstructured image of Chavista political apparatus. However, despite the new offensive actions of the opposition, the Venezuelan people resist and continue defending the Revolution. The main fight for socialism will take place in the streets by occupying territories against the paramilitaries (local and foreign), patrolling the most important locations to avoid unpleasant surprises and allowing the most combative cores of Chavista activists to express their dissatisfaction against the coup leaders.

It’s difficult to imagine just how violent the situation will get, but it’s clear that applying a policy that can generate trust between the most loyal men and women becomes more and more urgent. After what happened in Brazil and Argentina, where they preferred to pave the way for transnational companies, it’s very important not to be tempted by the“good prices” of oil. We should take measures that can choke the Venezuelan bourgeoisie -like nationalizing the strategic areas- and restore to those (local and foreign) who are willing to defend the revolutionary process.

In terms of International solidarity, we must try to be alert so as to denounce the new coup attempts and to mobilize against the enemies in every country where Venezuela is associated with dignity and Revolution.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano