Cuban Hero Fernando González Brings Fresh Air to Argentina to Blow Away the Clouds of Neo Liberalism

By Carlos Aznarez on November 23, 2016

argentinaA Cuban Hero, Fernando González, is here amongst us revealing the character of what the men and women of Cuba are made of.  (more…)

Fidel: Your Red Star Will Shine like a Beacon

By Carlos Aznárez on November 26, 2016

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Fidel is gone all of a sudden, and we already miss him, because it won’t be the same without him. (more…)

For Washington, Destroying Syria is a Bipartisan Agenda

By Tony Cartalucci on November 20, 2016

syriaWith a new president coming into office, hopes for a break in the Syrian conflict are abounding. However, these hopes are likely misplaced. (more…)

Envoy to UN says Saudis Exported Terror to Syria

Nov 21, 2016

syriaSyria’s envoy to the UN says that Saudi Arabia has gathered terrorists from all over the world and exported them to his country. (more…)

Indigenous People Fight for Place at World Climate Action Table

morroccoA growing body of research shows that Indigenous people and guaranteed rights to their land are critical factors in keeping carbon out of the atmosphere. (more…)

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