Trump’s Muslim Ban: Another Symptom of the War on Terror

By Michael J. Sainato on January 30, 2017

Thousands of protestors against Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants at San Francisco airport. Photo: Mason Trinca

On January 28, President Trump signed an executive order denying entry for 90 days to the United States for individuals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. (more…)

No Crocodile Tears for Cubans ‘Left Behind’ by Obama’s Immigration Change

By Karen Lee Wald on January 28, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Recently, The New York Times—in agreement with much other U.S. media and many politicians—published a long, teary article by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Frances Robles about the sufferings of a Cuban dental assistant who had endured great hardships as she passed through numerous South and Central American countries to get to the United States— (more…)

Obama’s Legacy in Africa: Terrorism, Civil War & Military Expansion

By Eric Draitser on January 26, 2017

US President Barack Obama walks with Ghana President John Atta Mills, right, at the Presidential Palace in Accra, Ghana, Saturday, July 11, 2009. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

The corporate media is predictably churning out nauseating retrospectives of Obama’s presidency, gently soothing Americans to sleep with fairy tales about the progressive accomplishments of President Hope and Change. (more…)

The Orphans of Neoliberal Globalization

By Emir Sader on January 25, 2017

Ban on Argentine lemons to U.S. to continue. Photo: Bill Hackwell

It was the inevitable road; one which exceeded all that history had lived up to before that point. Free trade, the opening of national markets, the end of nation states, the free flow of capital in the neo-liberal globalization river inexorably ended the historic movement of universalization of capitalist relations initiated centuries ago. (more…)

Think the Women’s March Wasn’t Radical Enough? Do Something about It

By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on January 24, 2017

January 21, Oakland California. Photo: Bill Hackwell

The United States has just experienced a corporate hijacking. If Trump’s inaugural speech did not alert you to the fact that they intend to come after all of us, then you are not paying attention. (more…)

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