Venezuela Delivers 1.4 Million Housing Units

January 25, 2017

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced on January 19 that the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV, Spanish acronym) had reached the goal of delivering 1,400,000 homes throughout the country.

“Today we reach an incredible goal, after so much war: 1,400,000 homes built and delivered to our people. Let’s continue winning,” Maduro posted to his Twitter account.

In another message, he said that despite the economic war and the drop of over 70% in crude oil prices, the Bolivarian Revolution has not stopped investing in social care policies.

“In 2016, foreign exchange earnings fell by 87% and we built twice as many new homes for our people. Doing more with less. (We are) succeeding ” he said.

Since April 2011, the GMVV has changed the lives of almost 1.4 million families, who have claimed their right to a decent, safe and comfortable home that gives them the opportunity to access essential basic services and a more humane habitat.

The construction of these homes has meant a great national effort and the first of this size undertaken in Venezuela, through a socialist vision, in which housing is no longer conceived as a commodity but as a result of a joint work.

This effort included a national registration, granting of land, materials, machinery, supplies and financing for construction, as well as the active participation of the people, which has been responsible for raising 60% of town planning.

The construction of the new homes was achieved in spite of the constant national and international economic attacks aimed at putting an end to the social achievements won by the Venezuelan popular classes in the last 16 years, as well as the 60% slump in crude oil prices since mid-2014.

Source: Venezuelan News Agency (AVN)