Thanks to Trump, US Troops are Losing Daycare for Their Children

By Nathan Wellman on February 22, 2017 

President Trump’s federal hiring freeze has resulted in two Army bases being forced to close their on-base part-day child development center (CDC) programs. (more…)

Victims of Ecuador Banking Crisis Slam Right-Wing Candidate

February 23, 2017

Several of the people who were victims of the banking crisis in Ecuador in 1999 said on Wednesday they call for Ecuadoreans to “reflect” on the presidential elections. (more…)

Trump and the Corporate Media are Both the Enemies of the Poor and Oppressed

By Margaret Kimberley on February 21, 2017

Donald Trump and the corporate media are locked in mutual hostility, but they are both enemies of the poor and oppressed. Media tell non-stop lies about foreign leaders abroad and Black people here at home. (more…)

Standing Rock Will Be Raided Today

By Kelly Hayes on February 22, 2017

A young woman prays outside the Morton County Courthouse in Mandan, North Dakota. Photo: Johnny Danger

Last night, law enforcement announced that the checkpoint nearest the Oceti Sakowin camp would become a one-way exit, blockading further support from reaching the camp. (more…)

The West’s Moral Hypocrisy on Yemen

By Jonathan Marshall on February 23, 2017

Only a few months ago, interventionists were demanding a militant response by Washington to what George Soros branded“a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions” — (more…)

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