Henry Boisrolin, of the Haitian Democratic Committee: “There’s No Legitimacy in Jovenel Moïse; this is an Electoral Coup” + Video

By María Torrellas on February 10, 2017

In a very lackluster ceremony, with almost no presence of international mandataries save a numerous delegation of US diplomats, Jovenel Moïse was appointed President of Haiti. (more…)

Cuba to Build Its First Mosque as Muslim Population Grows

Resumen editorial comment: During the presidential campaign candidate Trump said he would roll back Obama’s Cuban policy reforms unless Cuban leaders allowed religious freedom and freed political prisoners. Since he was elected Trump has not just pushed for the racist exclusion of immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries but he has also whipped up a climate of hate against all Muslim people in the U.S. producing an increase of attacks on mosques and Muslim people in general. Meanwhile Cuba, that allows all religions to exist with tolerance and respect, is now about to build one of the largest mosques in Latin America. (more…)

One of the Nastiest Wars in Recent History Is Raging in Yemen—And the U.S. Is Heavily Involved in It

By Vijay Prashad on February 8, 2017

Photo: The Guardian

A United Nations Panel of Experts sent its report to the UN Security Council this week. The tenor of the report is bleak. Yemen, say the experts, is ‘in danger of fracturing beyond the point of no return’. (more…)

Undocumented Mother in Sanctuary in Denver Church: ‘I’ve Paid Taxes for 20 Years, Why Hasn’t Trump’?

By Amy Goodman on February 17, 2017

Photo: Ryan David Brown

AMY GOODMAN: So we go now from Seattle, Washington, to Denver, Colorado, where another parent is also fighting against possible deportation, by seeking sanctuary in a church. (more…)

The Did-You-Talk-to-Russians Witch Hunt

By Robert Parry on February 18, 2017

Nazi symbols on helmets worn by members of Ukraine’s Azov battalion.

The proposed commission would have broad subpoena powers to investigate alleged connections between Trump’s supporters and the Russian government with the apparent goal of asking if they now have or have ever talked to a Russian who might have some tie to the Kremlin or its intelligence agencies. (more…)

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