Thanks to Trump, US Troops are Losing Daycare for Their Children

By Nathan Wellman on February 22, 2017 

President Trump’s federal hiring freeze has resulted in two Army bases being forced to close their on-base part-day child development center (CDC) programs.

Military families serving in Fort Knox, Kentucky were notified that “Effective immediately, no new children will be enrolled in the CDC. Also, effective 27 February 2017, the CDC will no longer accommodate childcare for our hourly care and part day families until further notice,” according to a letter signed by Col. Stephen Aiton.

Military families serving in Wiesbaden, Germany are also losing these programs, with Col. Todd J. Fish explicitly writing to military families that “The closure is a result of staff shortage due to the federal hiring freeze.”

“We are prevented from bringing new caregivers on board but are still having our usual staff turnover and illnesses, which creates challenges to maintaining ratios and providing quality childcare,” writes Aiton.

Trump signed a directive in Jan. 23 freezing the hiring of new people at all federal agencies for 90 days. It’s estimated that between 15,000 and 30,000 federal jobs will be unfilled by the end of this span (assuming it isn’t extended). The freeze has effected lower-ranked, high turnover positions such as child caregivers the hardest.

“There’s a lot of disappointment in how disorganized and mismanaged things seem to be,” said David Anderson, who was offered a prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship but has yet to be placed. “There doesn’t seem to be a plan, just these kind of theatrical movements. It makes for a good billboard or slogan to say ‘hiring freeze.’ … But as far as day-to-day governance, it’s really difficult. It puts a lot of people who want to do good things in a position where they can’t.”

Source: U.S. Uncut