El Pais Newspaper Awarded for Publishing the Most Lies against Cuba

June 11, 2017

Over fifty organizations of friendship with Cuba have awarded the Spanish Newspaper El Pais for being the media outlet that lies the most about Cuba.

The awarding of this unique prize was announced on Sunday during the last day of the 14th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Bilbao Spain. The groups have been meeting since last Friday in this city of the northern region of the Basque Country.

In a resolution adopted by its over 200 participants, the conference awarded El Pais for being the Spanish newspaper with the most accumulated merits in the art of slandering, manipulating and distorting news and information against Cuba and its Revolution.

This is the second time El Pais has been granted this recognition by the solidarity movement with Cuba, the last time being in 2015. Since that time the ultra conservative ABC newspaper has been receiving the ‘honor’.

The ABC newspaper has fallen out of the lead even after an injection from foreign investment groups could not compensate enough with its publishing of one embarrassing scam after another.


Source: Prensa Latina