Aretha Franklin, Soulful Symbol of Civil Rights and Feminism, Has Died

Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” is widely regarded as an anthem of the civil rights movement, in which the iconic soul singer, who has died aged 76, was herself an important figure. (more…)

A Rabid Dog Against Venezuela

By Geraldina Colotti, on August 16, 2018

A “rabid dog” roams Latin America. A watchdog of the military industrial complex, named James Mattis, North American Secretary of Defense. (more…)

Fidel: If I had the Privilege of Living My Own Life Again

By Wilkie Delgado Correa on August 13, 2018

Photo: Roberto Chile

“… but I can assure you at the same time, that all my life I would fight with the same passion for the same goals I have fought for until today.” (more…)

Ivan Duque Assumes the Presidency of Colombia Under the Shadow of Uribe

By Valentina Jofré on August 6, 2018

Iván Duque, with his partner Marta Lucía Ramírez and Álvaro Uribe, photo: EFE

Colombia will now have a new president. After being elected in the second round of the presidential elections on June 17, with nearly 10 million votes, Iván Duque (more…)

Ecuador: Colonialism and Dictatorship

By Carol Murillo Ruiz on August 6, 2018

President Lenín Moreno’s tour of Europe has left a political hoof smell because of his discourses that gave material to the media and social networks with such minimal judgements and sense of the social history of our people. (more…)

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