‘Burn them, Shoot them, Kill them’: Israelis Cheer in Jerusalem as Palestinians shot in Gaza

By Hind Khoudary, Lubna Masarwa and Chloé Benoist on May 14, 2018

The contrast could not have been more jarring on Monday between Jerusalem and Gaza, even as a mere 75 kilometres separated the two. (more…)

US-Trained Special Forces Joined Police Crackdown on Dam Protesters in Honduras

By Sandra Cuffe, on May 17, 2018

Photo: Witness for Peace

It started at dawn. A vehicle full of Honduran police officers showed up at around 5 am on May 3 in front of the community protest camp in Pajuiles, (more…)

U.S. Media Whitewashes Gaza Massacre

By Joe Lauria on May 14, 2018

Photo: Marcus Yam

Typical of the mindset of corporate media reporting on what happened in Gaza on Monday as Israeli soldiers killed more than 50 protesting Palestinians, is this tweet from CNN. (more…)

Amidst Threats and Defiance, Venezuelans Head to the Polls

By Ricardo Vaz on May 19, 2018

May 17, Maduro gives his last campaign speech before the elections

May 17 marked the end of the political campaign for the upcoming presidential and legislative council elections, that will take place on Sunday May 20. (more…)

An Urgent Call for Solidarity with Nicaragua

By the Asociation de Trabajadores del Campo on May 18, 2018

Friends in Solidarity,

We have lived a month full of tragedy in our country. The peace we achieved as a people, so fragile and at the cost of so many lives, is in imminent danger of disappearing irreparably. (more…)

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