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What War Takes Away

By Carola Chávez on November 16, 2018

With Hugo Chavez we did a master’s degree in unconventional wars. We had the media war deciphered, the blockades, the color revolutions, the infiltrators, the NGOs as masks of the CIA, of the State Department, of the Pentagon. (more…)

They May Arrest Milagro Sala, Jorge Glas and Lula, but not their People

By Alex Anfruns on November 14 , 2018

This time, repression, although systematic, is more subtle. The formula can be broken down in three steps: a barrage of “fake news”, a defamation campaign against opponents and the involvement of the judicial sector. (more…)

The US Responsibility in Visible and Nonvisible Migration

By: Alice Loaiza on November 14, 2018

Photo: Oliver de Ros

The U.S. has had a major role in creating poverty and violence in Latin America for many years. (more…)

Argentina Scapegoats and Demons: the Stage before the G20

By Lucía Herrera, November 17, 2018

The recent bomb attacks in the mausoleum of police chief Ramón Falcón and in the home of judge Claudio Bonadío triggered a series of raids, detentions and (more…)

Here’s how Neoliberal Economists Wreak Havoc on the Global Poor While Protecting the Financial Elite

By Vijay Prashad on November 14, 2018

Photo: Bill Hackwell

On December 1, Mexico will have a new president—Andrés Manuel López Obrador. (more…)

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