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Argentine Groups Demand Food Emergency Law to Fight Poverty, Malnutrition

November 16, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Under the banner, “Without Land, Roof and Work, Reforms are Against the People,” social organizations in Argentina are demanding congress pass the Emergency Food Law and the Popular Economy Law. (more…)

Police Violence in the U.S. Persists, Though Most Media Have Stopped Paying Attention

By Roberto Rodriguez on November 15, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

October was an especially brutal month when it comes to the tally of people killed by police in this country, particularly for people of color. I emphasize people of color because my lifelong research on this topic tells me (more…)

US-UN-backed Haitian Police Massacre Teachers and Students Demanding Money for Schools, not the Army

By Haiti Action Committee on November 18, 2017

Monday, Nov. 13, was a day of extra-judicial killings of men and women in Haiti estimated by community residents to total 14, not counting a number of disappeared, according to Radio Timoun (Youth Radio). (more…)

Ten Truths about Cuba’s General Elections

November 17, 2017

Although the media spends a lot of time portraying Cuba as a “dictatorship”, it has barely covered the fact that Cubans have once again begun a process of electing officials, starting from the local and going all the way up to the national parliament. (more…)

Cuba Awards Oscar

By Annalie Rueda on November 14, 2017

Photos: Yaimi Ravelo

Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rican leader and symbol of independence has received the Order of Solidarity at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana, Cuba. The Order is the highest distinction that the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba awards. (more…)

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