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People Trump Politics in Peru’s Progressive People’s Summit

The People’s Summit unites tribunals, Indigenous, women and youth organizations in an open, respectful discussion, unlike the Summit of the Americas. (more…)

Veterans for Peace Statement against U.S. Missile Attack on Syria

By Gerry Condon on April 14, 2018

Gerry Condon speaking at anti war rally in Oakland. Photo: Bill Hackwell

The U.S. has launched a military attack on Syria, along with NATO allies France and the United Kingdom. (more…)

The Lima Group has Fallen: Venezuela and Cuba Must be Respected

By Carlos Aznares on April 13, 2018

FEU VP Mirthia Brossard, Photo: Roberto Suarez

The alternative Summit of the People, that ran for two days prior to the 8th Summit of the Americas in Lima Peru, (more…)

From Miami to Lima, the twisted path of the Summit of the Americas

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez on April 9, 2018

Cuban delegation arriving in Lima. Photo: Roberto Suarez

The Eighth Summit of the Americas, set to be held April 13-14 in Lima, Peru, is the latest event organized by a controversial mechanism, which makes little contribution to regional integration, (more…)

Taking the World to the Brink of Annihilation

By Rick Sterling, Updated on April 16, 2018

Since this article was published one week ago, the US plus UK and France launched attacks of over 100 missiles against Syrian targets. (more…)

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