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Israel Seizes Mobile Classrooms in Palestinian Village the Day before School was to Open

August 23, 2017

Days after residents in an isolated Bethlehem-area village received stop-work orders for mobile homes being set up as a school — structures for which locals insisted they had obtained the necessary permits — Israeli forces reportedly raided the village Tuesday and seized the classrooms. (more…)

Coup’s Legacy of Violence, Corruption in Honduras Endures

By Linda Cooper and James Hodge on August 25, 21017

A member of the Honduran police arrests a man during anti-gang operations in 2012 in an area controlled by gang members in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (CNS photo/Gustavo Amador, EPA)

The legacy of a military coup that toppled a democratic government in Honduras eight years ago is ever present today: spiraling high-level corruption, endemic poverty, high crime rates, state repression, terror and targeted assassinations of environmentalists, indigenous leaders and journalists. (more…)

Largest U.S. Nurses’ Union Endorses “Days of Action against the Blockade of Cuba”

August 20, 2017

Momentum is building for next month’s “Days of Action against the Blockade” with the announcement last week that National Nurses United – (more…)

Lawyers Denounce Breach of House Arrest for Milagro Sala

August 17, 2017

Argentine activist Milagro Sala will be released and transferred as part of her house arrest to a sacked and abandoned house without windows or furniture, instead of her own home, her lawyers have denounced. (more…)

‘Palestine was on trial’: Rasmea Odeh Defiant in Final Court Appearance

By Ali Harb on August 17, 2017

Photo: Maya Arcilla

At the doorsteps of a US federal court in Detroit, Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh vowed on Thursday to continue organizing for Palestine after a judge ordered her removal from the United States. (more…)

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