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Irma: Cuba sends hundreds of doctors to Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane

Cuba has sent doctors to several Caribbean islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma. (more…)

Candidate Nominations for Municipal Assemblies has begun in Cuba

September 4, 2017

Cubans voting in municipal elections. Photo: Bill Hackwell

The nomination of candidates for delegates to the municipal assemblies of People’s Power begins today in Cuba, with the holding of a pilot meeting in each municipality. (more…)

Open Letter to the People and Government of the United States of America by the People of Venezuela

September 6, 2017

The people of Venezuela wish to address the people of the United States of America. You must know that on August 11, 2017, President Donald Trump threatened the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with direct military intervention. (more…)

Venezuela to Donate $5M to Victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

August 30, 2017

Venezuela has announced that it will be donating $5 million to help with recovery efforts in areas devastated by Harvey, particularly Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas, according to Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. (more…)

Protest in Cuba Denounces Threats of Donald Trump against Venezuela

August 25, 2017

ICAP President Fernando Gonzalez marching in support of the Bolivarian Revolution Photo: Roberto Garaycua Martinez

The Ambassador of Venezuela in Cuba, Alí Rodríguez, rejected yesterday in Havana the United States threats and plans against his country, where the White House seeks to overthrow the Government of President Nicolas Maduro. (more…)

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