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The Rights of Children in Cuba

By Yenia Silva Correa on June 6, 2018

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Cuba’s Constitution recognizes the elemental rights of every child, regardless of sex, race, or social origin, (more…)

Let’s Think About the Consequences of our Actions

By Chuck Kaufman on June 6, 2018

As the crisis in Nicaragua intensifies and the US and European corporate media, the human rights industrial complex, and voices traditionally hostile to Nicaraguan sovereignty grow ever more strident, (more…)

US Fingerprints All Over Nicaragua’s Bloody Unrest

By William Whiteman on June 4, 2018

Armed protestors against Sandinista government. Photo: Oswaldo Rivas

The student-led anti-government movement in Nicaragua is unlike other recent attacks on the Latin American socialist bloc; (more…)

Narrowing Options after Maduro’s Presidential Victory and the Trump Offensive

By Roger D. Harris on June 6, 2018

Maduro supporter talking to the media. Photo: Roger Harris

“¡Patria o muerte!” (fatherland or death) is the traditional slogan of Latin American revolutionaries. It is also the grim choice that the US government is imposing on the people of Venezuela, (more…)

Palestinians Score as Argentina Cancels Israel Match

By Ali Abunimah on June 6, 208

Argentine Committee in Solidarity with the People of Palestine

Palestinians are celebrating the news that Argentina – and its star Lionel Messi – will not be playing the “friendly” football match that had been set for Jerusalem next weekend. (more…)

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