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Syria War Diary: What Life Is Like Under ‘Moderate’ Rebel Rule

By Eva Bartlett on August 24, 2017

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In early 2016 the hillside town of Madaya, just northwest of Damascus, was the focus of sudden Western and Gulf media campaigns featuring harrowing photos of emaciated elderly and children splashed widely across print, online and social media. (more…)

Raqqa: A Hellhole Created by the Regime-Changers of the West

By Neil Clark on September 2, 2017

Raqqa, Photo: Moruke Umnaber / Global Look Press

As Jan Egeland, the UN humanitarian adviser on Syria, has stated, if there’s a worse place to be in the world at the moment than the Syrian city of Raqqa, then it’s hard to imagine. This week, the UN estimated that the battle to capture the de facto ISIS capital is costing the lives of 27 civilians a day. (more…)

‘Sad Day for Warmongers’, UN Finds Iran in Total Compliance with Nuke Deal

By Julia Conley on September 2, 2017

On what one observer called “a sad day for warmongers,” the United Nations declared Friday that Iran is fully adhering to the nuclear deal reached in 2015, and that inspectors will not go looking for infractions at the request of the Trump administration. (more…)

Rasmea and Oscar: Resisting the Criminalization of Freedom Fighting

By Diana Block on August 29, 2017

Oscar and Rasmea

On May 18, 2017 Oscar López Rivera was welcomed by a large and loving crowd in Chicago’s Paseo Boricua after 35 years of imprisonment for the “crime” of supporting Puerto Rican independence.  One of the people who greeted Oscar was Rasmea Yousef Odeh who will soon be punitively (more…)

US Massacring Hundreds of Syrian Civilians Every Week in Raqqa

By Jordan Shilton on August 25, 2017

The US-backed onslaught on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa is claiming hundreds of civilian lives every week, including dozens of women and children. US aircraft and troops on the ground are deploying indiscriminate force on a civilian center where an estimated 25,000 people remained trapped and a further 270,000 have already fled. (more…)

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