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The Defiance that Launched Gaza’s Flaming Kites Cannot be Extinguished

By Jonathan Cook on June 26, 2018

Photo by Jonas Moffat

First Israel built a sophisticated missile interception system named Iron Dome to neutralise the threat of homemade rockets fired out of Gaza. (more…)

All Gazan Casualties Are Intentional, Not Accidental

By Stephen Lendman on June 06, 2018

Razan al-Najjar, attending wounded Gazans

On June 1, Israeli snipers murdered 21-year-old voluntary Palestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar in cold blood – threatening no one, shot in the neck and back, an exploding dum dum bullet destroying her heart, killing her instantly. (more…)

Palestinian Courage Should Spur International Action

By Rick Sterling on June 6, 2018

Razan Ashraf Abdul Qadir al-Najjar, Palestinian medic, 21, shot to death by Israeli sniper

After 70 years, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still unresolved. The conflict simmers for a few years, then erupts again with new massacres and violence. (more…)

Over 70 Syrian Tribes Declare War on US-Backed Forces, Foreign Troops in Northern Syria

Over 70 Syrian tribes issued a joint statement on Saturday that announced the formation of a new combined force that would fight the US-backed militias and foreign troops in northern Syria. (more…)

Children in Israeli Detention Suffer Scars for Life

By Annelies Verbeek on May 25, 2018

Muhammad Tamimi, Photo: Annelies Verbeek

Muhammad Tamimi sat on the couch, occasionally laughing nervously as he described what had happened to him. (more…)

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