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Aretha Franklin, Soulful Symbol of Civil Rights and Feminism, Has Died

Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” is widely regarded as an anthem of the civil rights movement, in which the iconic soul singer, who has died aged 76, was herself an important figure. (more…)

A Rabid Dog Against Venezuela

By Geraldina Colotti, on August 16, 2018

A “rabid dog” roams Latin America. A watchdog of the military industrial complex, named James Mattis, North American Secretary of Defense. (more…)

Violent Proto-Fascists Came To Portland. The Police Went After The Anti-Fascists.

By Christopher Mathias and Andy Campbell on August 5, 2018

Police did a good job on Saturday preventing what could have been the most violent far-right rally since last year’s deadly “Unite the Right” gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia — (more…)

The Background

By David Brooks July 25, 2018

A UN report released last weekend ranks the United States as the country with the highest poverty rate in the developed world. (more…)

139 House Democrats Join GOP to Approve $717 Billion in Military Spending

By Jake Johnson on July 26, 2018

Photo: Alex Wong

With the help of 139 Democrats, the House of Representatives on Thursday easily rammed through the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), (more…)

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