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Who Is Begging for War? People in the U.S have a Poor Understanding of the Conflict with North Korea

By Vijay Prashad on September 6, 2017

Photo: Attila Jandi

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the Security Council that North Korea was ‘begging for war.’ She said this in reference to the test of a thermonuclear – hydrogen – bomb by the North Korean military. ‘Enough is enough,’ said Ambassador (more…)

Russia Gate: the Big Nothingburger

By Gerry Leupp on September 5, 2017

In a secretly taped video CNN’s Van Jones referred to the Trump-Russia story as a “big nothingburger.” Interesting that one of the network’s senior news commentators would say that, although not publicly, but privately to someone in an elevator. (more…)

We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore: the Militarization of Domestic Police

By John W. Whitehead

Photo: Bill Hackwell

“If we’re training cops as soldiers, giving them equipment like soldiers, dressing them up as soldiers, when are they going to pick up the mentality of soldiers? If you look at the police department, their creed is to protect and to serve. (more…)

Trying their Hardest to Make it Stick, Anti-Cuban Media Overplays ‘Acoustic Attack’

By German Piniella on August 31, 2017

U.S. Embassy in Havana. Photo: Bill Hackwell

One of journalism’s characteristics is to follow up the news to provide greater information about a relevant subject. After the initial publication, successive articles about the subject provide the readers with new data and offer diverging points of view to give a more balanced and better developed presentation. (more…)

Climate Breakdown is Happening Right Before Our Eyes

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese on September 3, 2017

Climate breakdown, as George Monbiot calls it, is happening before our eyes at the same time the science on climate change grows stronger and has wider acceptance. Hurricane Harvey, which struck at the center of the petroleum industry – the heart of climate denialism – provided a glimpse of the new normal of climate crisis-induced events. (more…)

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