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The National Geographic Hell on Earth Syria Hoax

By Paul Larudee on July 6th, 2017

On April 5, 2017, National Geographic released a preview of its film, Hell on Earth: The Fall Of Syria And The Rise of ISIS, by filmmaker Sebastian Junger and producing partner Nick Quested: (more…)

End of the Social Contract

By Vijay Prashad on July 6, 2017

Photo: Saul Loeb

Disabled Americans came in wheelchairs into the United States Senate to register their protest against the harsh Republican plan to slash health care. ADAPT, a disability rights group, staged a die-in right before the office of the leading Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. About 60 protesters tried to block the entrance to McConnell’s office. (more…)

Statement from Leonard Peltier for the Oglala Commemoration

June 27, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

June 26 marks the 42nd anniversary of the shootout at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975 that ended in the death of two FBI agents. Somebody had to pay. Despite no evidence or witnesses American Indian Movement (AIM) leader Leonard Peltier got two consecutive life sentences for it. – edit.  (more…)

U.S. Personalities React to Trump’s Reversal against Cuba


Comments in response to President Trump’s reactionary speech in Miami Florida on June 16.

Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher

The current administration combines a clownish (and very dangerous) figure who prances in the spotlight with the most savage wing of the Republican organization, dedicated with passion to enriching the wealthy and powerful while kicking the rest in the face. One primary goal is to dismantle anything connected with the hated Obama – (more…)

A New Farm Worker Union Is Born

By David Bacon on June 26, 2017

Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest.

A worker votes to ratify the contract. Photo: David Bacon

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, a hamburger joint at the Cook Road freeway exit on Interstate 5, about two hours north of Seattle, doesn’t look like a place where Pacific Northwest farm workers can change their lives, much less make some history. But on June 16, a half-dozen men in work clothes pulled tables together in Bob’s outdoor seating area. Danny Weeden, general manager of Sakuma Brothers Farms, then joined them. (more…)

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