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Children and La Migra

By David Brooks on May 28, 2018

US government agents are literally ripping hundreds of children from the arms of their mothers who migrate to the U.S. seeking refuge. The crying is heard, but deafness continues to allow a brutal official policy. (more…)

May His Innocent Victims Rest in Peace

By José Pertierra on May 29, 2018

Family members of the victims of the 1976 Barbados plane. Photo: Bill Hackwell

He never paid for the crimes he committed. He died with impunity in Miami last week. His followers say that Luis Posada Carriles fought his entire adult life against communism, and that justifies everything he did. (more…)

Urgent Call to Support Julian Assange!

May 27, 2018

Julian Assange is under increasing threat. There are ominous signs the Ecuadoran government may facilitate Assange’s removal from their London UK Embassy (more…)

Now, North Carolina Teachers Take to the Streets

By Abhijan Choudhury on May 18, 2018

The wave of teachers’ strikes in the United States reached North Carolina this week as nearly 20,000 teachers took to the streets demanding better pay and amenities. (more…)

Democrats Confirm Torturer As Director Of CIA

By Paul Craig Roberts on May 19, 2018

How did a person who should be in the criminal dock both in the US and in the International Criminal Court for running a torture prison get appointed the Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency? (more…)

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