Palestinian Children Traumatized in Israeli Jails

February 14, 2017

A Palestinian academic sounded the alarm over the preplanned tactics of psycho-physical torture perpetrated against Palestinian children in Israeli jails. (more…)

February 22 at Standing Rock: A Last Beginning

By Four Arrows on February 15, 2017

Maybe something positive will result from the dangerously brazen antics of the Trump administration. Perhaps an awakening of consciousness is occuring that would not have happened without the obviousness of Trump’s inadequacies. (more…)

Venezuela Shuts Down CNN for ‘Misinterpreting & Distorting the Truth’

February 16, 2017

Photo: Carlos Edward Ramire

Venezuela’s media watchdog has ordered CNN’s Spanish-language channel off the air across the country, accusing it of engaging in a propaganda war. (more…)

José Martí and Fidel Castro: Two Lifetimes Connected by the Same Revolution

By: Luis Toledo Sande on February 10, 2017

Photo: Roberto Chile

Had both Cuban leaders not followed that rule, they would have fallen into a vacuum that sterilizes thought and action; they would have waited and seen if the metropolis of the world provided them with the necessary answers to interpret and confront the grave challenges they faced instead of solving them with creativity. (more…)

Ecuador Standing in Front of the Argentinean Mirror

By Atilio A. Borón on February 14, 2017

It would be difficult to overstate the national and international implications of the presidential elections that will take place next Sunday in Ecuador. (more…)

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