CNN Admits to Erroneous Report on Venezuela

July 7, 2015

cnn liesVenezuela’s ministry of communication issues a statement accusing CNN of lying intentionally in order to help destabilize the country. CNN Spanish said Thursday in a statement that it recognized its error in reporting about a “looting attempt in Maracay (Venezuela).”

“CNN does not have information about any looting of establishments in Venezuela. It is a mistake that we have to recognize. The error was in the text that appeared on screen while … Osmary Hernandez reported on (food) scarcity in Maracay and Valencia,” the statement read, referring to footage broadcast the same Thursday.

President Nicolas Maduro accused the channel of a destabilizing campaign against Venezuela, “What CNN is doing … from the United States … well we revealed their plan and they know that they are being shown up.”

Venezuela’s Ministry of Communication and Information also released a strongly worded statement today, accusing CNN of misleading intentionally and that the CNN report “has to do with orchestrated, criminal, terrorist campaign that uses the audiovisual medium in order to trick and incite to violence…”

The statement went on to list several other examples of erroneous and misleading reporting on the part of CNN over the past few years, such as in 2007, when CNN used images from a demonstration in Acapulco, Mexico and said that they were from Venezuela.

Another example of misleading reporting that the statement cites was during the 2014 opposition street blockades, when “CNN took up hours and hours of programming to position Venezuela as a country that was in flames on all shores, dominated by a conflict and without governability…”

CNN’s admission of having committed an error appears to have come after the state governor Tareck El Aissami criticized its coverage, saying, “We are perfectly coordinated with all the security forces of the country and no violence has been reported. They are provoking violence or trying to provoke it.”

Source: teleSur