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Cuba: The Haters

By Michel E. Torres Corona on May 27, 2023

Jose Marti, Cuban National Library, photo: Bill Hackwell

Every national identity is built on the basis of values and anti-values, of antithetical binomials that in their dialectic contradiction forge a specific form of collective existence: revolution and reaction, freedom and oppression, independence and annexation, solidarity and selfishness. (more…)

Argentina Adopting US dollar to Fight Inflation Would be Insane Neocolonialism

By Ben Norton on May 25, 2023

Argentina is suffering from high rates of inflation, largely due to odious debt owed in US dollars to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Western vulture funds. (more…)


By Ana Hurtado on May 25, 2023

Biran, photo: Ana Hurtado

To Leidy and the workers of the Casa Museo de Biran.

It was a Lada. I had no idea what a Lada was until I arrived in Cuba. Just as I had no idea about so many other things I had to learn about here, because in my western culture I had been denied access to them; I had not been given access. (more…)

Cuba’s Buena Fe Faces Fascist Aggression but their Tour of Spain Prevails

By Alejandra Garcia on May 25, 2023 from Havana

Anyone who has listened to the Cuban duo Buena Fe’s songs know they are not complacent. Although they defend Cuba in any trench, they do not remain silent in the face of injustice or what can be changed, and they speak in broad truths in the most poetic way possible, using a guitar with their voices as their weapon. (more…)

Resumen Latinoamericano : “We are Biased in the Struggle for Truth, Justice and Memory”

By Margarita Pécora on May 22, 2023 from Buenos Aires

Interview with Resumen Latinoamericano editor Carlos Aznares for Comunas, broadcasted by Radio Güemes

Carlos Aznárez

Resumen Latinoamericano is a communications platform with an exemplary history in the field of counter-information and alternative journalism. Comunas talked to its founder, the outstanding journalist Carlos Aznárez, editor and general director of the Agency that had its seed in ANCLA (The Clandestine News Agency) founded in 1976 during the military dictatorship by Rodolfo Walsh. (more…)

Money Stolen from Venezuela Pays for Right-wing Primaries

May 23, 2023, Caracas

Con Maduro program

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro blamed the Venezuelan opposition for being behind an embezzlement of the State in coordination with the U.S. Government, resources that are used to finance their primary elections scheduled for next October. (more…)

World Health Assembly: The World Should Be More like Cuba

By Alejandra Garcia on May 23, 2023

May 23, 2023, a new brigade of Cuban doctors arrive in Mexico.

The world is still suffering from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Inflation, supply chain crises, and shortages of medicines and basic goods continue to affect most of the world’s countries, especially those less developed and besieged by the major powers, such as Cuba, but this is not news. What can governments do to counteract a future health crisis and can we overcome the dominate greed of the developed countries when it comes to public health? (more…)

Go Away Yankee, Nobody Wants You!

By Ramón Pedregal Casanova on May 23, 2023

The U.S. elite has been weaving since its state created the trap with which to drag Cuba into its account. But Cuba is not a fish even if it is in the water, it is a territory free of imperialism, like Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, … gateways to what is already becoming the vision of the free future of the Southern Continent. (more…)

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