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“Earthquake in Miami”

By José R. Cabañas Rodríguez on March 28, 2024

Havana, photo: Bill Hackwell

On March 17, extraordinary events took place in Cuba, which once again received disproportionate coverage in the social networks and some foreign media considering the type of disasters we are experiencing in today’s world. They are “extraordinary in Cuba” because this has not been a country where the forces of law and order walk with long guns in the streets, there are no armored cars to confront demonstrations with strong jets of water, nor are there cases of loss of eyes due to the use of rubber bullets. (more…)

We Won’t Go Back into Our Cages: Celebrating Women’s Day in Nicaragua

By Becca Renk on March 8, 2024 from Nicaragua



By Randy Alonso Falcón on February 27, 2024 from Havana

Fidel, photo: Roberto Chile

“From Martí I learned ethics”, Fidel would tell us again and again, in permanent confirmation of one of the most expensive essences of his revolutionary thinking and acting. It was the basis on which he erected the moral shield that accompanied him in life; it was the force that earned him the admiration of our people and reserved for him the respect of his adversaries. (more…)

The Worms of Corruption

By Jorge Elbaum on December 4, 2023

Bob Menendez

New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Bob Menendez, responsible for the harassment and bullying of all popular, progressive and leftist regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean during the last three decades, is about to face a Manhattan court on charges of illicit enrichment, receiving bribes, influence peddling and collusion with a foreign government (Egypt) to enable the export of arms. (more…)

200 Years of the Monroe Doctrine; How the United States Went from Pseudo-Isolationism to Aggressive Expansionism

By Leonid Savin on December 6, 2023
December 2, 2023 marked two hundred years since U.S. President James Monroe’s address to Congress, which came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine. It has become a household name for U.S. foreign policy over the past several centuries and will likely continue to be used indefinitely into the future. (more…)

Venezuela Rejects ‘Unacceptable’ US Meddling in Essequibo Dispute

By José Luis Granados Ceja on  December 5, 2023

map of Venezuela including Essequibo

In a statement by the government, Venezuela said it was prepared to defend the results of Sunday’s referendum concerning the Essequibo region from US interference in the matter, “The Venezuelan people as a whole demonstrated their will unequivocally and their revolutionary government will defend this democratic expression in the face of any blackmail or interventionist threat,” read the statement. (more…)

A World for Cynics

By Randy Alonso Falcón on December 4, 2023 from Havana

The Cry of Gaza artwork by Tunisian artist Omar Esstar.

“Truth is the first casualty of war”-Aeschylus

Truth remains the first victim of these conflicts. It is not counted like the dead and wounded; but, it can weigh as heavily as they do in the course of events. Genocidaires annihilate it with the same speed and viciousness as they do their adversaries. They try to impose theirs as they please, as much as they try to dominate the actions with bombs and sophisticated rockets. (more…)

Global State Terrorism and the Scorched Earth of Palestine

By Stella Calloni on November 2, 2023

Gaza today

There is no argument that justifies what Israel is doing in Palestine, and even less so when the application of Israeli state terrorism did not begin last October 7, but has been going on for 75 years, aggravated in the 60s, so no one who claims compliance with international rights and norms or respect for human rights, demanding a ceasefire to Israel has to do it defensively. (more…)

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