The Monroe Doctrine Weakens as Latin America Moves Forward: An Interview with Nicaragua’s Foreign Minister

December 2, 2023

Interview of Foreign Minister Denis Moncada by Jorge Gestoso of TeleSur

The Monroe Doctrine, issued by US President James Monroe on Dec. 2, 1823, stated that any interference in the Americas by a European power would be viewed as a hostile act by the United States. In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt added the Roosevelt Corollary, which stated that the United States could become involved in a Latin American country’s internal affairs in cases of “wrongdoing” by that Latin American country. (more…)

Colombian Leader Calls Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza ‘Nazi Practices’

December 3, 2023

Photo: Al-Aqsa Martyr Hospital, courtesy Anadolu Agency

Colombian President Gustavo Petro has strongly criticized the Israeli bombings of the Gaza Strip, describing the Zionist regime’s airstrikes on the city of Deir al-Balah in central Gaza as “Nazi practices“. (more…)

The Worms of Corruption

By Jorge Elbaum on December 4, 2023

Bob Menendez

New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Bob Menendez, responsible for the harassment and bullying of all popular, progressive and leftist regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean during the last three decades, is about to face a Manhattan court on charges of illicit enrichment, receiving bribes, influence peddling and collusion with a foreign government (Egypt) to enable the export of arms. (more…)

Peru: One Year after the Coup against Pedro Castillo and the Shadow of Fujimori’s Liberation

By Carmen Parejo Rendón, Resumen Latinoamericano, December 7, 2023

Pedro Castillo before the coup

On December 7, 2022, the Peruvian Congress debated a new motion of vacancy against President Pedro Castillo. Subsequently, Castillo, in a televised message, decreed the dissolution of Parliament, the establishment of a government of national concentration and called for new parliamentary elections within nine months. (more…)

200 Years of the Monroe Doctrine; How the United States Went from Pseudo-Isolationism to Aggressive Expansionism

By Leonid Savin on December 6, 2023
December 2, 2023 marked two hundred years since U.S. President James Monroe’s address to Congress, which came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine. It has become a household name for U.S. foreign policy over the past several centuries and will likely continue to be used indefinitely into the future. (more…)

Cuba Visits Iran and Qatar with a Message of Peace for the Middle East

By Alejandra Garcia on December 5, 2023

Iran and Cuba signed seven cooperation instruments that strengthen relations in the economic, health and scientific-technical areas, photo: Alejandro Azcuy

Cuba does not remain indifferent to the escalation of violence in the Middle East, a region suffering the direct consequences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In every scenario, the government of the Caribbean island loudly expresses its support for the Palestinian people and rejects the Zionist regime’s ongoing massacre in Gaza. (more…)

Venezuelan Children under the US Blockade: A Conversation with Anahi Arizmendi

December 1, 2023, Cira Pascual Marquina talks to Anahi Arizmendi, author of a recent book that examines the impact of the US sanctions on Venezuelan children. (more…)

Venezuela Rejects ‘Unacceptable’ US Meddling in Essequibo Dispute

By José Luis Granados Ceja on  December 5, 2023

map of Venezuela including Essequibo

In a statement by the government, Venezuela said it was prepared to defend the results of Sunday’s referendum concerning the Essequibo region from US interference in the matter, “The Venezuelan people as a whole demonstrated their will unequivocally and their revolutionary government will defend this democratic expression in the face of any blackmail or interventionist threat,” read the statement. (more…)

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