The World According to TikTok

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on July 18, 2024

The right-wingization of contemporary society does not come out of nowhere. There are multiple variables that model this process, but a forced one points to the new social media that install the society of spectacle at a forced march. Just look at what happened on these platforms after the attack against Trump in Pennsylvania. (more…)

Women in the Cuban Parliament; a Revolution within the Revolution

By Alejandra Garcia on July 18, 2024, from Havana

Women make up over 55% of Cuba’s National Assembly, photo: Estudios Revolución

The presence of Cuban women in the country’s political life is crucial, and is evidenced in each session of the National Assembly of People’s Power. The recent legislature, formed last year, is composed of 166 women, representing 55.74 percent. (more…)

Cuba and Nicaragua: Two Sister Revolutions

By Eduardo Martínez Borbonet on July 19, 2024, the 45th anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution

Fidel and Daniel

There are no identical political processes, much less Revolutions, which are conditioned by history and the context in which they develop. However, in Our America there are no two processes with as many similarities as those of Cuba and Nicaragua. (more…)

Mister Netanyahu Comes to Washington and will Receive a Warm Welcome

By Alfredo Garcia Almeida, edited by Ed Newman on June 18, 2024

Next week, on Wednesday, July 24th, Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to visit Washington, DC, although he has not yet received a formal invitation. When the Israeli prime minister has traveled to Washington every year, he’s conveyed a message of closeness and intimacy, unlike the 4 years since his last visit to the White House, something that does not go unnoticed by friends and enemies. (more…)

Brazil’s MST: How Long Must We Wait for Change?

By João Pedro Stedile on July 18, 2024

Crimes and environmental tragedies are repeated in Brazil with increasing frequency. Droughts in the Amazon, floods in Maranhão and Recife, fires in the Pantanal, deforestation and lowering of the water table in the Cerrado, the water reserve of the three largest river basins in the country… (more…)

Mexico: Government to Hire 2,700 more Cuban Doctors to Fill Public Health Jobs

July 17, 2024

The federal government announced Tuesday that 2,700 Cuban medical specialists will come to Mexico to work, joining 950 Cuban doctors already in the country.

The conservative Mexico News Daily is the largest english language newspaper in Mexico and is no friend of AMLO. In this article, covering an important development, it repeats the lies of the US State Department that Cuban doctors are slave labor, even though they are all volunteers and paid the same as their Mexican colleagues. Primarily what comes through is the most important issue and that is this arrangement between Mexico and Cuba is a mutually beneficial project that helps the health and welfare of both countries and is an example of how the world should operate. – Editorial (more…)

 “The Solution to Political Violence in the U.S. is to Transfer Power to the People”

By Lucas Estanislao on July 16, 2024

Claudia De la Cruz, presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL).

For Claudia De la Cruz, the concern is that the attack on Trump’s rally will bring more repression to the left

Violence has always been at the heart of how the United States makes policy, whether internally or externally, from the massacres of original populations and minorities to the two-party system that favors economic power and alienates the people. (more…)

170 Years of U.S. Aggression against Nicaragua

By Rick Sterling on July 16, 2024

On July 19, Nicaraguans will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution

When the Monroe Doctrine was declared, in 1823, it was aimed at European colonial powers. It told them to butt out: the US “sphere of influence” included all of Latin America and the Caribbean. During the past two centuries,virtually every Latin American and Caribbean country has had to endure US intervention and interference in their internal affairs. The coups, political manipulation and aggression directed by Washington have been relentless. (more…)

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