Cuba Always Reborn: the Cultural Battle and Prensa Latina

By Stella Calloni on June 15, 2024

Jorge Ricardo Masetti and Che, 2 of the founders of Prensa Latina in 1959

Cuba celebrates the 65th anniversary of the founding of Prensa Latina, the Latin American news agency born in the early days of the triumphant Revolution, on January 1, 1959, which liberated and made the island nation independent, an example of emblematic resistance against a criminal empire, whose heroic people could never be defeated. (more…)

We are all Nicaragua: The Sexual Diversity Community

By Becca Renk on June 12, 2024

In 2008, following the Sandinista party’s return to power, a law was passed overturning the penalization of homosexuality and making it illegal to discriminate against someone based on sexual orientation. (Photo: El 19 Digital)

The Story of Julia Chinamo “I realized when I was nine years old that I liked boys,” Julio Sanchez tells me. Julio is also known by the nickname “Julia Chinamo” and socially as “Nahomy Campbell.” (more…)

It’s Long Past the Time to Free Leonard Peltier

By Levi Rickert on June 12, 2024

For the first time in 15 years, Leonard Peltier had a full parole hearing on Monday, June 10 at the United States Penitentiary at Coleman, Florida. Peltier (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe) has been incarcerated for 48 years for the killing of two FBI agents at Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in June 1975. (more…)

Cuba: Díaz-Canel Meets with Young People Who are Changing the World

By Alina Perera Robbio on June 12, 2024 from Havana

Good men and women speak a common language; the humanist language. And as they are always immersed in the essential, they assume the borders that the world has as simple administrative lines, as a trace of a map to which they do not pay attention because the suffering or happiness of the human being is for them a unique matter in any corner of the planet; because they are with the human species, not against it. (more…)

Russia and Cuba, Beyond Warships

By Mi Cuba por Siempre on June 13, 2024

Russian naval detachment docks in Cuba

While the international media only report on the arrival of a Russian naval detachment in Cuba, relations between the Russian Federation and Cuba go much further and are getting stronger. (more…)

Sana’ y Milad Daqqah: El heroísmo reproductivo desafía las cárceles y el genocidio de Israel

Por Diana Block el 12 de Junio del 2024

foto: Movimiento Juvenil Palestino

Tuve el honor de estar entre las 3.600 personas que saludaron a la periodista palestina Sana’ Salameh Daqqah y a su hija Milad, de cuatro años, en la reciente Conferencia de los Pueblos por Palestina celebrada en Detroit durante el fin de semana del 24 al 26 de mayo. Madre e hija fueron aclamadas con entusiasmo por los miles de participantes reunidos en un auditorio que había sido rebautizado Walid Daqqah Hall en honor al preso político palestino mártir Walid Daqqah, esposo de Sana y padre de Milad. (more…)

Sana’ and Milad Daqqah: Reproductive Heroism Defies Israel’s Prisons and Genocide

By Diana Block on June 12, 2024

photo: Palestinian Youth Movement

I had the honor to be among the 3,600 people who greeted Palestinian journalist Sana’ Salameh Daqqah and her four year old child Milad at the recent Peoples Conference for Palestine held in Detroit over the May 24-26th weekend.  Mother and daughter were enthusiastically cheered by thousands of participants gathered in an auditorium which had been renamed Walid Daqqah Hall for martyred Palestinian political prisoner Walid Daqqah, Sana’s husband and Milad’s father. (more…)


By Ana Hurtado on June 12, 2024 from Havana

Russians commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII photo: Astana Times

When the world was in agony; when Europe was burning in flames and the great cities were covered in ashes, the Russian people came to lay down blood and life and deliver the rest of us from an evil that could well of lasted more than a hundred years. Of suffering and pain. Hopelessly of loneliness. But loneliness next to what could have been, would be a pleasure. It would be peace. (more…)

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