A call to Arab and other Nations and Governments to Stand with the Palestinian People

October 13, 2015

Palestine artsWe are a group of Palestinian, Arab and International figures, who greatly appreciate and admire the inexhaustible creativity and sacrifice in their defense of their dignity and independence.

We salute their martyrs, injured, prisoners and their families, who are currently fighting for two things. The first is to attain a new national identity in their path towards independence and the second is stopping the new catastrophes falling on the Palestinian people. Based on all of this we are asking for all your support in order to reach the achievement of a Palestinian state consistent with the 1967 borders.

First: We are calling for all the national and Islamic factions to develop an immediate agreed upon program to continue the struggle against the occupation. This program should be built inclusive toward all those involved in the civil peaceful resistance to the occupation.

Second: We call for the immediate formation of a unified national leadership to regulate the peaceful civil resistance, and to bypass the current situation of improvisation, spontaneity and retaliation reflexes.

Third: Parallel to that, engaging both Hamas and Fatah in an intensive dialogue held immediately in one of the Arab capitals to discuss all the rifts in a timeframe of three months towards reaching an agreement.

Fourth: During the time of forming a civil resistance to the occupation, take into consideration the following:

  1. Forming the civil resistance activities so it effectively leads to the obstruction of the settlers and soldiers normal lives including those inside the settlements themselves. This comes as an alternative to the obstruction of the normal lives in Palestinian cities and Palestinian living places.
  2. Strengthening the concept of civil resistance through the employment of youth in order to create new Palestinian facts on the ground especially in East Jerusalem as a whole, and in the area called C. This comes in addition to boycotting the Israeli products made in the settlements.
  3. Encouraging the diplomatic resistance to promote Palestine inside the United Nations, including all the international institutions and organizations within the UN
  4. Forming a committee to report all criminal acts that are perpetrated against the Palestinian people, especially the extra judicial executions that are taking place by the occupation soldiers against Palestinians in Jerusalem and all other Palestinian cities and to resort to the International Legal Institutions to raise the issues.

We conclude with calling the Arab and International worlds as nations and governments to stand with the Palestinian people in order to achieve the independence of Palestine and to establish its independent state based on the borders of April 6, 1967.

Source: The Center for Democracy and Community Development- Jerusalem