Tricontinental Launches Digital Edition of its Magazine

By Alberto Núñez Betancourt on October 2, 2015

ospaalAn image of the Five anti-terrorist Cuban heroes after their triumphant return to Cuba appears on the cover of Tricontinental  issue No. 181 in its first digital version that was  presented this past Wednesday at the meeting hall of the José Martí Tribunal in Havana.

During the presentation, journalist and filmmaker Santiago Rony Feliú underlined the will to keep the magazine alive in its digital and printed editions despite all possible difficulties.

The first issue is basically dedicated to the events following the arrival last December 17 of Gerardo, Ramón and Tony, who joined René and Fernando, already in Cuba. This includes their decoration with the title of Heroes of the Republic of Cuba delivered by President Raul Castro, their ascent of Turquino Peak – Cuba’s highest mountain – to pay tribute to the Cuban National Hero José Martí, among many other important moments.

The issue also covered other topics of importance to Latin America like the recent elections that took place in many countries of the region including Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil where leftist governments remained in power thanks to popular support.

Tricontinental, has been in existence for 48 years and publishes regularly, publishes articles by Álvaro García Linera, vice president of the of Bolivia, Brazilian theologian Frei Betto, researchers, sociologists from Latin American nations and four ambassadors accredited to Cuba. On behalf of those diplomats, Palmiro Soria Saucedo, ambassador of Bolivia to Cuba, addressed the audience, stating that he regards OSPAAAL and its magazine Tricontinental as the house of solidarity because of its consistent work in that regard. Saucedo took the opportunity to announce that the Five Cuban Heroes will soon visit the Bolivia where the heroic guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara died in combat.

Part of the direction of OSPAAAL is to publish articles on the BRICS, block of nations made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The present issue has article by the Ambassador of Russia, Mikhail Kamynin, entitled “BRICS in the Vanguard of the New World Order”.

Lourdes Cervantes, Secretary General of OSPAAAL –Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America– thanked the authors of the published works and the staff of the magazine, which she considers important activists with sufficient political courage to illustrate on the reasons of our struggle in these times of unavoidable media battles.