After the Attacks: Press Release from EuroPalestine

November 14, 2015

images (1)Our association, CAPJPO-EuroPalestine naturally condemns the barbarous attacks perpetrated by the terrorists claiming to belong to Daesh, and shares the emotion and sadness of the friends and relatives of the 128 victims of these horrific killings, also the hundreds of men and women wounded during the Friday evening massacres.

All the same, we protest against the declarations and the policies of a government which is far from protecting the population and exposes it to the risks of new attacks.

In reality, we do not see how the measures which are only related to “security” could represent efficient protection. It is impossible to watch over everyone everywhere. More police, more cameras will not stop determined killers.

Not to tackle the causes, that is the propaganda about the “clash of civilisations” and the war led by France against countries and people who have never attacked us, this is dramatic.

How could we have imagined how it was possible to get away with bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?

What right had France to intervene militarily?

Bombings, which, lest we forget, killed thousands of innocent victims, including women and children.

Those “innocent victims” do not seem to stir François Hollande’s sympathy, when they are not French?

How can we prevent individuals, who identify themselves with those victims or who are relatives, becoming suicide bombers? And they let themselves “be manipulated” and “recruited” by groups often armed and funded, initially, by Western leaders who want to overthrow this or that government, who is not to their liking? Because they are dictators? But then why do we maintain good relations with other dictatorships in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Africa?

The French government does not answer any of the fundamental questions. And we can’t rely on journalists from the mainstream media to ask them.

Why don’t we speak about the way these terrorist groups were born? Who armed them? Who financed them? Why don’t they explain the fact that they made theirs the logic of the western propaganda about the “clash of civilisations” with its concepts of “superiority of judéo-christian civilisations “and “chosen people”, just reversing it and claiming that all the ones who did not march under their banner and accepted their religious practice should be eliminated?

Yes, it’s chilling. But it is also chilling to hear on one of the main French TV channel this morning an ex French intelligence officer explain that Israel has some good advice to give about the struggle against suicide bombers!

When one knows how the Israeli population has been up in arms for decades, and how the super sophisticated Israeli technology of repression could not enable Israel to prevent attacks, we have reasons to worry!

As long as Israel refuses to deal with the roots of the problem, i.e. its occupation and colonization of Palestine, its population taken into hostages by its leaders, will go on paying the price.

And we too are likely to pay a more and more expensive price for our states’ terrorism.

There are calls for “National Unity “. Under those leadership?

Those who develop racism in our country? Those who criminalize solidarity with migrants? Those who ask us to march with tormentors, and child torturers in favor of free speech?

Hollande has just said   “The French population will have to make sacrifices”.

Which ones? More police, more army, more wars, and less education, health, and retirement pensions?

We should not forget Jean Jaures’ sentence: “Capitalism brings the scourge of war in his train much as clouds presage storms”.

Let’s pay tribute to the victims of terror by preventing more victims, and by acting in a way words such as “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity” make really sense.

Source: CAPJPO-EuroPalestine