After Parliamentary Elections, Venezuela Strips Lies by the Right

December 9, 2015

img_0183ft1449598872 Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez, said on Tuesday that December 6 parliamentary elections –transparently held with observers of the region– served to bring down the foreign-led media campaign against the country and also to ratify the democratic and peaceful nature of the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“The lies the right has used for years against Venezuela have been debunked. These were about there would be no parliamentary elections, the Venezuelan electoral system was not reliable nor transparent and the President would not recognize results. But immediately after the Electoral Branch spoke, the President acknowledged the results with courage, honor as a man of this country that does not surrender to adversities,” the foreign minister told Telesur station in Caracas.

Following a meeting with Leonel Fernandez, president of Dominican Republic and head of the Electoral Mission of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Rodriguez stressed that President’s speech “did make him grow as national president, as head of state, as president of all Venezuelans, “and even when the results were adverse “he showed that the will of the people of Venezuela is respected, and that within the Venezuelan electoral system prevails the democratic spirit.”

She recalled that after the Bolivarian Revolution was born, the Electoral Branch changed for the sake of the people and not the interests of minorities that for years plundered the country’s resources and led Venezuelans to remain under the threshold of poverty and inequality.

Rodriguez welcomed the outcome of the UNASUR reports concerning the parliamentary elections held last Sunday.

Leaving the meeting with the Chancellor, UNASUR’s mission head stressed. “In this post-electoral process the important thing is how democratic governance is maintained, and what prevails in democracy is always constructive dialogue, national interest, the interest of the country, not the particular interest of political parties. If political players are able to place themselves above their individual interests and always look at the national interest, based on dialogue, the country goes forward.”

“One of the great lessons of this electoral event is that, with the UNASUR mission, our integration mechanisms based on the identities got strengthened” because “we do not need the colonial, imperial tutelage of the Organization of American States or any other imperialist center. Here we are with the will of our people,” he said.

Election results

According to data published by the National Electoral Council ( the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won 55 seats, while the opposition coalition MUD won 107. There are two seats yet to be announced.

In this regard, the Chancellor asked the revolutionary movement to do a proper reading of these results and progress in strengthening political awareness to this new scenario.

“We know we have a consolidated 43% block. A consolidated and conscience block. That 43% also spoke, it is also the will of the people, and their vote is a vote of understanding for the deep economic aggression the Venezuelan and international right addressed against the country,” she said.

Source: Venezuelan News Agency