The Forgotten Coup: Hillary Clinton’s “Dirty Hands” in the 2009 Honduran Coup

By Timothy Alexander Guzman on July 21, 2016

HondurasOn June 28th 2009, Honduran soldiers marched into the bedroom of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya while he was in his pajamas and forced him at gunpoint to walk into a waiting jet and exiled him to Costa Rica. (more…)

In Chile, 200,000 March Against For-Profit Pensions

July 24, 2016.

Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

A massive demonstration of approximately 200,000 people wound its way through the streets of the Chilean capital of Santiago on Sunday, with participants calling for an end to the country’s private pension system.  (more…)

Behind the Iraq War: Destroy Arabs, Memory, Civilization

By Andrew Lawler on July 22, 2016

 Basra Iraq, Photo: Bill Hackwell

Basra Iraq, Photo: Bill Hackwell

The round hole made by an artillery shell was visible long before we pulled up next to the National Museum in Baghdad in early May of 2003. The puncture, just below a frieze of a king in a chariot, was in the replica of a Babylon gate next to the exhibit halls. (more…)

Black, Old and Locked up

By Carolyn Guniss on July 13, 2016

America’s prisons are filled with older inmates, most of whom are Black

US aging in prisonThe research dates back more than a decade: Americans are aging in prison. But what has been done about reducing the elderly population in prison or what to do with the elderly once released is still being debated and studied. (more…)

Puerto Rico: The Hour of Truth

By Ricardo Alarcón on July 22, 2016

Puerto-RicoIn the mid-20th Century, U.S. diplomacy scored one of its greatest triumphs. It made the world believe that Puerto Rico had ceased to be a colony to become a strange entity called the “Associated Free State,” or commonwealth. (more…)

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