Texas Border Patrol Buried Immigrants In Mass Graves, State Says ‘No Laws Were Broken’

By Counter Current News Editorial on July 16, 2015

texas mass gravesMass graves of undocumented Mexican immigrants have been found in Texas, and it has been confirmed that Border Patrol agents are the ones who buried them there. Some who saw the bodies said it reminded them of “something out of Nazi[-era] Germany.”

But the State of Texas says there is “no evidence” of wrongdoing on the part of the Border Patrol agents who dumped body after body in the unmarked, mass graves.

The mass graves were discovered miles inland from the US-Mexico border, apparently in an attempt to conceal the site.

Border Patrol agents say that the bodies were “gathered from the desert surrounding a checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas, in Brooks County,” according to Democracy Now!

Last November, the mass grave was discovered in a documentary by The Weather Channel in partnership with Telemundo and The Investigative Fund.

While the Border Patrol says they had no hand in the mass deaths, Democracy Now! notes that many of these “migrants died after crossing into the United States while waiting hours for Border Patrol to respond to their 911 calls.”

The watchdog group spoke with reporter John Carlos Frey, who discovered that the Border Patrol story was not exactly true, and there were in fact “rampant violations of the law.”


Source Counter Current News