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France Begins Mass Arrests Amid Huge Civil Struggle

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai on June 15, 2016

France-arrests-revolution-900x350French authorities have begun the mass arrests of protestors taking part in what some are calling the biggest revolution in France for 200 years. (more…)

France in Blackout as Strikes Cause Total Chaos

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai on May 27, 2016

France-blackouts-strikes-900x350France is running out of gasoline and suffering blackouts as the number of French strikers continues to grow, bringing the country to a grinding halt. (more…)

Deadly Blowback from Neo-Imperial Wars

By Jonathan Marshall on March 25, 2016

EU flagIn what may be the most dramatic blowback yet from Western military intervention in the Middle East, terrorism and the mass influx of foreign migrants are now putting the very existence of the European Union at risk. (more…)

Turkey and Europe: Human Trafficking on a Scale Not Seen Since the Atlantic Slave Trade

By Glen Ford on March 8, 2016

GLEN_refugeThe agreement between Europe and Turkey to keep millions of refugees from entering Europe is a deal between devils. Europe, which has fattened itself on other people’s lands and blood for half a millennium, is allowed to wall out the “invaders.” (more…)

WikiLeaks Reveals EU Planned Military Action Against Libyan Refugees

Operation Sophia aims to reduce flow of migrants, with force.

By Branko Marcetic on March 3, 2016

Photo Credit: Malcolm Chapman /

Photo Credit: Malcolm Chapman /

With far-right sentiment on the rise across Europe, the once widespread sympathy for African and Middle Eastern migrants has evaporated, leaving them facing vitriol and violence from the citizens of the countries they hope to make their new homes. (more…)

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