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Message at the XXIV Sao Paulo Forum in Havana; ‘Resisting is as Important as Lashing Out’

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez, Deny Extremera San Martín, and Irene Pérez on July 15, 2018

The convening of the XXIV Forum of Sao Paulo, with more than 400 delegates from left-wing parties and movements in Latin America and the Caribbean, (more…)

Dispatch From Haiti: Trump and Breastfeeding

Photo: Dr. John Carroll

During the last 15 years, I have examined many infants in a pediatric clinic in Cite Soleil. Skin diseases, respiratory tract infections, and diarrhea are common in the slum. (more…)

Here Stand the Patriots, Over There Are the Colonialists

By Adán Chávez Frías on July 11, 2018

A whirlwind of events in our region and in the world, demonstrate the imperialist ferocity at this stage; the more the capital crisis deepens, the more brutal it is against democracy, sovereignty, and the independence of peoples.  (more…)

The Judiciary in Brazil has Lost its Shame

By Carol Proner on July 10, 2018

Free Lula protest call for his release in Curitiba. Photo: Ricardo Stuckert

On Sunday, July 9, almost a month before the registration of candidacies for the 2018 elections, Brazil saw another regrettable attempt to prevent [former president] Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva  from contesting. (more…)

Joint Cuban, US Probe Finds No Evidence for Sonic Attacks

July 11, 2018

Photo: Bill Hackwell

The Cuban ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement calling on the U.S. government to stop the “political manipulation” of the alleged health issues. (more…)

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