Cuba and Its Amazing Resistance to the Yankee Encirclement

By Liset García on November 13, 2023

image by: Martirena

Immutable as a complete cynic, the U.S. government has remained just that; cynical, every time at the UN headquarters, for the past 31 years, Cuba receives the applause of almost all the nations in its claim against the blockade, while the majority of  eleven million Cubans resist and reinvent themselves. (more…)

The Significance of the Cuban 5 a Quarter of a Century since their Arrest

By Liset García on September 12, 2023 from Havana

The memory remains in the Cuban people for an event that occurred 25 years ago today. On September 12, 1998, five Cuban men were marked forever by the extreme hatred of those in Miami who have not ceased in attacking Cuba. That day they were arrested and their long battle for justice began. (more…)

Ecuador: Promises that Taste like Lies and the Myth of a False Midas

By Liset García on September 19, 2022

Guillermo Lasso

There is a popular saying in Ecuador, naturalized since current President Guillermo Lasso was Minister of Economy in 1998 and 1999 during Mahuad’s government, that the banker bankrupts everything he touches, like the mythical King Midas, but in the opposite direction. (more…)

Ecuador: Scandalous Use of Influence to Obtain COVID-19 Vaccine 

By Liset García on March 17, 2021

The scandal about VIP access to COVID-19vaccines in Ecuador continues to be red-hot, as are the archives that tell us of (more…)

Cuba and Mexico Holds Talks as Illegal Migration Increases

By Alejandra Garcia on April 10, 2022 from Havana

Cuban migrants, photo: Lisette Poole

I can’t imagine the anguish of those who decide to migrate illegally. The pain of leaving your country, friends, and family must be unbearable. (more…)

Nothing Can Stop Young Cubans

By Alejandra García on March 29, 2018

“Thinking the Americas” Youth Forum in Havana, Photo: Ariel Cecilo Lemus Álvarez de la Campa

Cuba has a lot to show the world and to be proud of, as noted by more than 400 young people and experts who participated in the “Thinking the Americas” (more…)