Protests Across US After Footage Released of Tyre Nichols’ Murder by Police

January 28, 2023

New York City, photo: PSL

On Friday, January 27, authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, released several recordings showing the violent arrest of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black US citizen who died three days after several officers beat him over a traffic infraction on January 7. (more…)

Peru: One Country, Two Cultures

By Juan Guaján, Resumen Latinoamericano on January 28, 2023.

In these days, the Peruvian brothers and sisters are leading important demonstrations. It is a transition between the power of those who identify themselves with the culture of the conquistadors and who still continue to govern, and those who symbolize a new model capable of giving their place to the identity and culture of the descendants of the original peoples. (more…)

Cuba: The Homeland of Solidarity

By Yaimi Ravelo  on January 28, 2023 from Havana

My country is not for sale. All photos by: Yaimi Ravelo

“If Homeland is Humanity, Cuba is the Homeland of Solidarity”; that is the spirit that filled the V International Conference for the Balance of the World since its inauguration last Tuesday, January 24 at the Convention Palace in Havana. (more…)

March of the Torches in Tribute to the Birth of Cuba’s Jose Martí

By Víctor Villalba Gutiérrez on January 28, 2023 in Havana

Steps of the University of Havana. all photos Víctor Villalba Gutiérrez

Every January 27 Cuba’s apostle Jose Marti is reborn on the steps of the University of Havana by the noble act of young Cubans who then march with lighted torches as a symbol of the transcendence of his thought. (more…)

For the Welfare of the People of US and Cuba – Cooperation in Health Treatments Must Accelerate

By Gustavo A Maranges and Bill Hackwell on January 26, 2023

During the last months, there has been an upward trend in bilateral exchanges between Cuba and the United States. Several delegations of government officials, congressmen, senators, and businessmen have visited the island, something not seen since the Obama administration. It is a positive sign that matches most people’s desires in both nations, so there is no logical justification for not moving forward quickly. (more…)

Cuba: V International Conference for the Balance of the World, Youth Forum

By Yaimi Ravelo on January 25, 2023 in Havana

photos: Yaimi Ravelo

In the framework of the V International Conference for the Balance of the World, the Youth Forum “With all and for the good of all” was held on January 25 and 27 at the Convention Palace in Havana. (more…)

Venezuela: Change in U.S. Strategy and Transformation of MC-21N into a Terrorist Organization

By Katu Arkonada on January 26, 2023

On March 5, 2022, the anniversary of the death of Commander Hugo Chavez (nothing is a coincidence), a delegation of the US government arrived in Caracas. Joe Biden’s emissaries had a clear objective: in view of the impossibility of guaranteeing oil supply due to the conflict between the United States/NATO and Russia, with Ukraine as proxy, (more…)

Celac and the Peruvian Rebellion

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on January 25, 2023

Peruvians stay mobilized, photo: Aldair Mejia/EPA

Regarding the vigorous Peruvian rebellion, I believe it is essential to underline the decisive role of the peoples and their political and social struggles in the gestation and advancement of progressive governments. In the same way that this advance was indispensable in the generation of an architecture of regional or sub-regional organizations, among them CELAC, which sought the unity and integration of Latin America and the Caribbean. (more…)

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